Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar Review: Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Why Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

This review on Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is for persons who even don’t know or may be not sure about the features of the Jasmine s35 acoustic guitar. The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar packs a lot of features which will be outlined in this review. We aim to enlighten you about the capabilities of this device. This review is a product of intense research and a lot of testing. So if you really want to know about this guitar, scroll down. Feed your eyes, and get more enlightened on the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar.


Solid and durable

First of all, the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar was made to last for a long time. The wood is of good quality, and it has also a beautiful appearance and a satin finish. The guitar though light-weight doesn’t feel cheap at all. The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar displays a spruce top. It also comes with great strings. This guitar doesn’t have sawdust, splintered wood and even more the joints are properly aligned. It is a clean guitar, and all parts are well gulled. This is fully laminated, and therefore it may be great for using harshly.

Jasmine S35 full body -001

Easy to use and set-up

The set up of the S35 acoustic guitar is excellent out of the box for starters. And with little set-up and adjustments, this guitar will produce fabulous sound. It is ideal for camping and also playing around the house. It is also a serviceable instrument and an entry-level guitar for starters. With a little setup, it may be well for professional players too. This guitar is light-weight which makes it a perfect tool for practice. Also, it is comfortable to use even for children. Unlike other acoustic guitars, the JasmineS35 is very easy to play. The chords on Jasmine S35 is more natural to form. The neck can be adjusted entirely too.


The S35 acoustic guitar has a clear tone. So, when it is tuned right, it may be a handy tool for professional musicians. The frets are nice and smooth, and it sounds great up to the neck. The guitar also has excellent intonation that can contend with a lot of well-known guitars. The sound is loud while the strings correctly hold their tune. It doesn’t produce buzz on any string. It is great for strumming chords. And it is good to accompany vocals.

It has rich, deep sounds than most acoustics. The action is good, and it makes the bar chords play smoothly. The strings are just appropriate to produce sound characters that are beautiful and soft. The S35 acoustic guitar creates a warm tone. It doesn’t have fret or buzz sounds. Most of all, the thin plywood of this guitar helps it produce a good sound.


The S35 acoustic guitar has a beautiful exterior with a sweet satin finish. It has an elegant and uniform finish and a professional look without rough edges. This has also great tuners. It is such a beautiful piece of musical instrument of good quality. It has strap buttons at the tail and the neck part and it has a great natural finish like Jasmine S34C Nex. The fretboard and saddle are dark wood.

Compatibility of Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar

It works well with a microphone

The sound of the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is great on its own without any amplifier. But if you want to use it for stage performance, you can connect it to a microphone. And you will get a fantastic sound from it. It works well even more with a sound system.

The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar will make a great guitar for starters

The guitar out of the box will do well for those who have chosen to play the guitar as a hobby. Being lightweight and being completely adjustable are two significant features you’ll find in this guitar. These two great features make it great for starters. Starters will find the guitar very handy hence it is also very easy to play.

Good for professional play

The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is great for starters with little adjustments on the string and tuners. It may be used to rock the stage on a professional level. All you need do is to connect it to a great sound system only. That’s all you need to thrill your audience.


  1. It is certainly an easy to play acoustic guitar
  2. This has also a beautiful look
  3. It produces deep rich sounds
  4. It is durable


  1. No straps included
  2. It might need a little set-up for professional use


The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is a piece of equipment for any grade of a guitar player. It is just ideal for learners. It could be perfect for professional use after some tweaking of the device. I recommend this guitar for starters because it is very easy to learn with. It is light-weight, and it is also built to withstand rough handling. Professional players who are in need of a quality practice guitar on the go should get this Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar. It produces great sounds. Finally, it is worth buying.

Note Worth

The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is for players of any category. Therefore, a starter will find it very ok on arrival. But a professional player will have to make some minor adjustments, and it will be ready for use.

You don’t go getting any musical instruments without knowing what it has to offer. It is a good practice to be well aware of the features of any product before buying it. Hence this review becomes necessary. This review is intended to inform intending buyers of what the Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar has in store for them. Finally, we believe that this review is helpful to you in purchasing your acoustic guitar.

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