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If you love playing string musical instruments, the violin should be one of the must-have equipment. The experience you would have played the violin is incredible if you have the right one for your needs. It is important to note that every playing experience requires a different kind of violin. Every effort is necessary to ensure that you optimize your violin by making it functional through appropriate accessories. This review post will help you to choose the Best Violin for Beginners.

Having the right violin goes hand in hand with the essential accessories. Depending on one’s skill level some accessories would be paramount while others are an integral part of playing the violin. Knowing what you need is vital for an ideal playing experience. There is a wide range of brand options when it comes to buying a violin. The kind of accessories you would have for your violin vary based on the perceived outcome. The range of accessories to use alongside your violin varies from one person to the other.

Review of Different Types of the Best Violin for Beginners

The market today comprises many options when it comes to buying a violin. This will make your decision hard without the right information. Here is a review of major violin brands to consider for your needs.

Mendini MV300

This amazing violin is what you would want to consider if you are starting. It provides all the basic elements you would want to have to make learning easy. Consider the best violin for beginners due to its simplicity. You will get good value for money with the Mendini mv300 violins. The design is excellent to offer support when playing. It has shoulder support which makes it easy to handle for a starter. Besides, it comes with a full kit to enable you to start using it immediately. The simple nature of its use makes it easy to learn on your own or through support from a tutor.

BGR Mendini MV300

The Mendini mv300 violin is what you need if you are working on a budget due to its price. Compared to other options available in the market, this is an affordable violin. As a major brand in the violin industry, you can be assured of its quality as well.


  • Simple to use for beginners
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for professional use

A good start for kids, adults, and intermediate violin players. It provides all the basic aspects you would need to learn how to play this wonderful instrument. It is not complex for someone without many skills either.

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Mendini by Cecilio MV

This another great violin to get you the feel of playing this instrument. It comes with a full kit to ensure that you get going without the need to buy new kits. It has amazing bodywork from the great painting to the wooden material used all over the instrument. This is a solid wood violin spruce top, maple back, neck and sides with a beautiful finish with an addition of Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine horsehair. This gives it a perfect look and enhances its quality. The sound is not that bad for a starter and would fit just fine for your learning needs.

BGR Mendini by Cecilio MV

The Mendini from Cecilio is a flexible instrument that can be modified to fit different needs. This is the perfect violin for different ages and experience levels which you can consider buying. The price is affordable for the kind of experience this instrument offers. With some basics in setting up stringed instruments, you can make this violin a vital asset. Besides, you can get a professional to help set up your instrument to fit your needs.


  • Good body piece
  • Quality wooden material


  • Rough chinrest

Buy this instrument if you want to find a starting point. Ensure that you can access solutions that aid in setting up your violin to make it payable. Not a bad option if you can scale up to its challenges with setting and modification.

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Cecilio for Beginners

This is what you need if you are interested in playing and learning about the violin. Considering the price, this is the best violin for beginners. It comes with all the necessary support tools to offer a smooth start. You can get this violin for your kids as well as adults as it is friendly to use. With this violin, you are going to get a student start kit for easy setup. The musical instrument starter pack is provided as well with this violin.

BGR Cecilio for Beginners

To make it easy to learn this violin you are going to get a lesson book, a tuner, 2 bows, and rosin. These are all you would need to start self-training in the use of violin. You would find this an essential instrument that will enable you to grasp basic ideas for playing the violin.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Comes with full support kits


  • The sound quality is not very good.

This violin is designed to give learner’s the feel of using this instrument. When starting up with violin playing this would be a good starting point. The availability of adequate material and kits supports the learning process. As a dedicated starting level violin, you expect it to be quite friendly in use and playing which it does.

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Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin

An exciting quality violin for different levels and needs. The ¾ size makes it an ideal instrument for people of different sizes and ages as well as skill levels. Consider all your needs done if you opt for this instrument. It comes with a complete package that includes key accessories to start you up. Antonio Giuliani Primo violin is ranked at number 1 for customer service and this is different from all other competitors because its final assembly and set-up are in the USA. It also provides a lifetime guarantee.

BGR Antonio Giuliani Primo Violin

You would get unmatched sound quality from this instrument. The solid maple wood body makes it functional and effective for continued use. Besides, you get an ebony fitting for durability purposes when using your instrument. It is what many would consider ideal for daily practice and advancement needs.


  • Great sound quality
  • Perfect finish


  • The varnish gets off with extensive use.

This instrument clicks most boxes when it comes to having an ideal violin. You can scale your skills using this amazing instrument with its flexible and quality sound characters. If you have some basic skills with violin use, this will be a perfect bargain for your needs.

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Cecilio CVNAE White or Antique Varnish

This ebony-fitted acoustic violin comes fully equipped to start playing. There is little you would need to do to start using this violin. It comes in the perfect body finish of Pearl white or Antique Varnish which enhances its beauty. Many will find Cecilio CVNAE White or Antique Varnish violin as an ideal option for their playing needs due to its amazing features.

BGR Cecilio CVNAE White

Something unique about its dynamic use is the ability to use with or without an amplifier. In any case, when using the best acoustic-electric violin you are going to get great sound quality. Everything about this instrument is perfect which would be suitable for most users.


  • Can be used without an amplifier which reduces the level of investment.
  • Provides good sound quality.


  • The strings are not of good quality and would need replacement.

This acoustic-electric violin will give you a good experience with its use. If you know how to play the violin then you will have it easy to use this instrument since it comes set for immediate use. The sound quality is a key point to make you consider this acoustic instrument.

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Cecilio CEVN 2BK Electric Violin

This is the best violin for beginners because it is a well designed electric violin. Cecilio CEVN 2BK electric violin fits most of the needs for immature stages of playing the violin. With its unique appearance, it is designed to give you peace of mind when playing it for your training and practice. With this item, you would get amazing sound quality which can compare to most high-end violins you would find in the market.

BGR Cecilio CEVN 2BK Electric Violin

Its mahogany finish makes this violin a stylish one. It will give you a perfect balance of playing and design features. When using this violin you will not have to worry about causing disturbance to others since it produces minimal noise for those around. Besides, it comes with headphones that you can plugin for a comfortable playing experience. To maximize its value you can add some accessories such as a shoulder rest due to its weight.


  • Amazing quality and clear sound.
  • With the kind of features available for this product, you get value for money.


  • Has extra weight compared to the normal violin?

This violin would work well if you need an electric option at a reduced price. The quality of sound equities to most professional and expensive violins hence you save a lot. Very silent for great training and practice regardless of space and environment as it comes with quality headphones. Whether you’re practising, recording in the studio or performing on stage, the Cecilio electric violin outfit offers excellent functionality and style. Cecilio CEVN 2BK provides violinists of all levels with the ability to practice confidently without disturbing others.

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Cecilio CEVN 1BK

A 4/4 full-size violin is designed to give you a great experience with an electric violin. The pleasant design will give you something to be happy about when using your violin. Cecilio CEVN 1BK violin comes with a complete set of kits that ensure that you can start using your violin immediately after you receive it. The quality of sound is good for your learning and home needs. This is why it also can be considered the best violin for beginners.

BGR Cecilio CEVN 1BK

Learning some things about the violin and during your practice you would make lots of noise. This can be disturbing for those around in your home or apartment. This violin will ensure that you can do all that in a low voice. It’s quiet and comes with headphones for more privacy needs. However, it is loud enough not to require the use of headphones without causing disturbance to others. The outfit features a 1/8 output jack that allows you to connect to most guitar amps or PA systems (1/4 to 1/8 cable included), volume control that allows you to choose the ambience you want, a headphone jack for practice and a line-in jack for practise with a background track. You may check HERE for some best amplifiers for your violin or guitar.


  • Have a 3.5 port for amplifier connection to get a great sound outcome.
  • The quality of sound is great for many personal needs.


  • You would need a shoulder rest due to its design and weight.

The bottom line is that this is a violin that you will find perfect to use. It’s easy to use and very quiet to fit various needs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level, this electric violin would be a perfect choice to use. Consider all your needs met with this electric violin.

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Yamaha Electric Violin YEVO4NT

This violin will not disappoint at any point of use. Consider this for your small gigs and silent practice needs at home. Though not one of the greatest to find in the market, it will give you something to be happy about. The appearance is quite appealing which involves great sound and handling as well. As an electric violin, you expect to find it quite silent and audible enough for your personal needs.

BGR Yamaha Electric Violin YEVO4NT

Yamaha Electric Violin YEVO4NT brand is something to examine for your violin playing needs. You have options to connect to an amplifier for a great sound outcome. It’s quite dynamic with its use and thus would fit different needs if you are skilled in handling violin.


  • Great design
  • Affordable price


  • No headphone support

This is a great addition to your instruments due to its wonderful attributes. You would have crucial features at an amazing price with this electric violin. The Yamaha electric brand of violin works well in different applications which makes this an ideal option for you.

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To have the right experience with the best violin for beginners, it is important to get the right one. You will advance as you horn your skills in playing the violin which means getting an advanced option. There is a different brand you can select for every level of learning. Additionally, you would need the right accessories to scale your learning process. Such additions will enhance your playing ability and learning process to become effective in playing the violin.

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