Best Violin Accessories | Most Essential Accessories for Violinists

To build on the experience you have playing your violin, there are a variety of accessories you would need. The kind of violin accessories to use vary from one person to the other depending on the experience you want and budget. Here is a list of different violin accessories you would find appropriate to acquire. …

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Best Violin for beginners | Top Violin Brands Buying Guide

BGR best violin for beginners

If you love playing string musical instruments, the violin should be one of the must-have equipment. The experience you would have played the violin is incredible if you have the right one for your needs. It is important to note that every playing experience requires a different kind of violin. Every effort is necessary to …

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Best Taylor Guitars: Most Popular Taylor Guitar Models Buyer’s Guide


The Best Taylor guitars to buy: The number one guitar brand to look for The best Taylor guitars are some of the most sought musical instruments. You must be looking for the taylor guitars having a strong build and excellent quality. They have many years of research behind them. And this has resulted in the …

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Learn Bass Guitar: How to Play The Bass Guitar for Beginners

When you see somebody playing the guitar, normally a question comes to mind, “is it hard to play the guitar”? It depends; it can be either easier or hard. Especially, if your interest is to learn bass guitar, it depends upon which musical genre you want to begin with and how hard you want to …

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How to Play Mandolin: Beginner Mandolin Lessons

How to Play Mandolin Playing an instrument like a mandolin is a wonderful thing. But you need to know how to play mandolin well. If you crave to play an instrument, maybe guitar, flute, keyboard, or let’s say a mandolin, you need to learn it first. But the basic question is “why do you want …

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8 Best Mandolin Instrument & Top Brands of Mandolin Reviews

Best Guitar Reviews 990876234

With the number of mandolin instruments on the market, it is difficult to know which one is the best mandolin instrument. In order to prevent this confusion, we made a review of the 8 best mandolin instrument. This review will help you when you decide to get a mandolin. Our reviewing criteria is pretty simple. …

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Best Guitar Strap: Top 8 Guitar Straps for Comfort and Durability

Guitar Strap22334455678990

For every guitar player out there, a guitar strap is a must. You deserve the best guitar straps out there on the market. Although for acoustic guitars, you might not really need them (optional), but for electric guitars, it is another story. It is quite difficult to play the guitar while sitting and having it …

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Best Travel Guitars: Popular Travel Mini Baby Guitars

best Travel Guitar112233445678899

If you play the guitar, you have probably already heard the term ‘stodgy.’ First of all, that’s one thing we don’t want to associate with the best travel guitars! Guitar itself is not a heavy object. In contrast, it takes up a lot of space. Therefore, it requires special handling. Furthermore, most of the travel …

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Best 4 String Electric Bass Guitars: Best Guitar Reviews

Review Best Guitar

On the other hand, buying one is not so easy. There are certain factors to consider. Those depend on your level of expertise, requirements, and wishes. Also, it depends on your budget. Let’s get started.      1. Active or passive pickups First of all, let’s make one thing clear. We cannot say that active …

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Best Electric Guitar under 500: Buyers Guide and Reviews

Electric Guitars-f0099443321

When it comes to shopping for a guitar, purchasing a good guitar requires a lot of considerations. First, the buyer must be able to identify the basic requirements by the guitar. Secondly, the buyer has to consider the budget. The price of a guitar and the use are our two most important factors that every …

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