Best Taylor Guitars: Most Popular Taylor Guitar Models Buyer’s Guide

The Best Taylor guitars to buy: The number one guitar brand to look for

The best Taylor guitars are some of the most sought musical instruments. You must be looking for the Taylor guitars having a strong build and excellent quality. They have many years of research behind them. And this has resulted in the best guitars for every guitarist. We bring you some of Taylor’s best guitars to take full advantage of.

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Firstly, the feature you notice with this Taylor guitar is the tobacco sunburst color. It has a mid-size Grand Auditorium body shape. This produces clear and well-defined notes that suit strumming and finger-style guitar players!

In addition, this is both an acoustic and electric guitar for playing versatility. And this makes it one of the best Taylor guitars. It features the Taylor Expression System for electric guitar playing mode. Besides, this guitar is of high quality so it can produce the best sound and serve you for years to come.

bgrtaylor114CEFirst, its back and sides comprise a layered Indian rosewood. Secondly, the fretboard comprises Ebony wood. The fretboard has small diamond inlays extra tonal elegance and style. And lastly, the top of this guitar is also made of wood, and as usual, a high-quality wood: the Sitka Spruce.

The full-gloss body has a white binding for elegance and strength. And this explains why this is a top-quality guitar for any enthusiast. The Venetian body cutaway makes sure you can access the treble-side frets. It has 6 strings and 6 tuning pegs.


  • Premium-grade materials.
  • The stock strings sound great.
  • It comes with a sturdy Taylor gig bag.
  • It’s very durable.
  • Its cutaway makes it easy to play.


  • The layered rosewood isn’t laminated.
  • It might sound more electric than acoustic if not tuned well.

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Taylor K14ce Builder S Edition

This is another excellent Grand Auditorium Taylor guitar that you can buy. It’s of high-quality and has a state-of-the-art design with its ergonomic body contours. The back and sides comprise Hawaiian koa. And the top comprises a torrefied Sitka spruce material.

The reshaped cutaway connects with the heel and finger bevel very well. This gives you improved picking. The guitar’s body has a silent satin finish. This minimizes coincidental sounds against the guitar’s body.

bgrtaylork14ceThis is an electric-acoustic guitar and features the Tayl ES2 Electronics. The fretboard is sturdy since it comprises Ebony wood. The neck, on the other hand, comprises Mahogany, which is still a high-quality wood material.

This is a 6-string guitar whose top has 6 tuning pegs with V-class bracing. And the result is a well-boosted volume that blends across all tonal spectrums. This is a high-end guitar that every professional guitarist should invest in. Due to its excellent features, it’s also one of the best Taylor guitars.


  • The Taylor ES2 Electronics produces a natural acoustic sound.
  • It’s of a high-quality build.
  • It has a comfortable neck.
  • The strings produce great sound quality.
  • It stays in tune.


  • It is very pricey.

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Taylor 114ce Sitka/Walnut Grand Auditorium ES2

This Grand Auditorium electric/acoustic guitar features layered walnut back and sides. Also, it features a high-quality top that’s made of a solid Sitka spruce material. This guarantees high quality and elegance. And these features result in excellent strumming, Flatpicking, and fingerpicking plays.

The proprietary Taylor neck improves playability for incredible and accurate intonation. This guitar features a Venetian cutaway. This feature helps you to access the upper-end fretboard for excellent plays.

For playing the electric mode, you’ll use the Taylor Expression System 2. Still, your guitar will produce a great acoustic sound. The fretboard inlays comprise Italian acrylic dots. The guitar has a 3-ring rosette for great sound quality and aesthetics.

rbgtaylor114sitkaThis guitar also has a black binding and black pickguard. These make this guitar have a contemporary look that any high-end guitar should have.

Portability is something you could use here. And this guitar comes with a Taylor Gig Bag that comes in handy during transportation. This guitar has all the features you need. Therefore, it is one of the best Taylor guitars. You need it to take your music career forward, and it’s a good investment. You may also like to read a review on 114ce 100 series grand auditorium electric-acoustic guitar.


  • It is easy to play.
  • The smooth neck produces low friction.
  • It is ready to play right out of the box.
  • The build is sturdy and solid for durability.
  • The finish guarantees prolonged elegance.


  • It might be a bit heavy and bulky.
  • It has no onboard tuner.

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Taylor 414ce-R – Rosewood Back and Sides, V-Class Bracing

There’s a reason why this Taylor guitar model attracts guitarists of all playing styles. It is a workhorse rosewood guitar that has a Sitka spruce top. And it’s a 6-string acoustic-electric guitar with a V-Class internal bracing.

As a result, this guitar produces a well-boosted volume across the tonal spectrum. It sustains the sound projection and improves the intonation along its ebony-made fretboard.

Its state-of-the-art components yield clear, consistent, and harmonic sound notes. The Taylor ES2 Electronics make sure the guitar produces an acoustic sound. You still get this sound even when you’re playing it in the electric mode.

rvgtayloar414cerIt produces Hi-Fi sound for the greatest musical expression. And it’s a great guitar for any application. It features a white binding, Renaissance fretboard that has Italian acrylic inlays. The full-gloss body makes it elegant and produces harmonious sound as well.

Portability is a guarantee here. This is something you could use especially if you’re going to play a live band in a neighboring state. For this reason, you get a deluxe Hardshell case for carrying this guitar around.


  • It stays in tune for a long time.
  • The Taylor ES2 Electronics produce great acoustic sound.
  • The body has a full gloss for an excellent harmonious sound.
  • It comes with a deluxe Hardshell case for portability.
  • The bracing yields a well-boosted volume.


  • It is very pricey.

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Taylor 312ce Grand Concert Sitka/Sapele Natural ES2

If strumming and fingerpicking is your playing style, then you might find this Taylor guitar model a good fit. First, it features a Grand Concert body with V-class bracing. As a result, it produces Hi-Fi sound quality that your audience’s ears will delight in.

Its solid Sapele back and sides add extra warmth and sound balance, as its Sitka spruce top adds a bit of sparkle and clarity to the treble! With the V-class bracing, you get evenly produced volume and sustain with a soft-touch response. The Expression System 2 electronics system makes sure this guitar produces a crystal-clear acoustic sound even if you’re in the electric playing mode.

rbgtaylor312ceThe fretboard comprises West African Ebony wood. And the heel and neck comprise the Tropical Mahogany. This means you get a high-end guitar by Taylor if you opt for this model right here. As usual, you get a brown Taylor Deluxe Hardshell case for portability and ease of transportation.


  • The build is high-quality for durability.
  • The bracing yields a Hi-Fi sound.
  • The Expression System 2 electronics system produces a natural acoustic sound.
  • The Grand concert shape is ergonomic for great plays.
  • The Gloss top finish and Satin neck and back finish make it elegant.


  • It is a bit expensive.
  • It’s not ideal for entry-level guitarists.

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Taylor 814ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Sitka/Rosewood ES2

This is a Ground Auditorium Taylor guitar with a V-Class bracing design. Its back and sides comprise an Indian Rosewood, while the top comprises the Sitka spruce. Looking at its fretboard, you find that it’s made of ebony wood.

It has a mahogany neck. It features the Tayl ES2 Electronics. This guitar produces an excellent blend of warmth and high-range sparkle. The groundbreaking bracing, on its part, elevates this new tone to new levels.

rbgtaylor814ceWith this guitar, your notes sustain longer, as the Indian Rosewood’s overtones bloom with unmatched clarity. And the bracing system also elevates the power and tunefulness of your sound for more musical expression.

The maple binding adds expensive taste to this guitar model, making it a high-end guitar for every professional guitarist. Also, the mother-of-pearl Element inlays on the fretboard make this guitar not only exquisite but top-performing as well.


  • It has a new, excellent pickup system.
  • This produces a crisp and clear sound that’s full of resonance.
  • It is small and easy to play.
  • The Taylor ES2 Electronics produce a natural acoustic sound.


  • It doesn’t produce higher sound volumes.
  • It is very expensive.

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Taylor Academy 12, 6-String Electric-Acoustic Guitar

As a guitarist who’s just starting his career, an expensive guitar model can be a deal-breaker. But his Taylor guitar model is very affordable, making it an ideal model for an entry-level guitarist. Despite its price affordability, it still plays incredibly well, making it one of the best Taylor guitars on this list.

First, it’s a 6-string electric-acoustic guitar. Its back sides are made of a Layered Sapele, while the neck is made of a Hard Rock Maple material. The ebony fingerboard is also high-quality. All these features make this guitar model a favorite go-to for every fingerpicking and Flatpicking guitarist.

bgrtaylora12It has a unique armrest that reduces fatigue during plays, and a tone-enhancing varnish finish that improves sound quality. The back and sides are made of the layered Sapele, while the top is made of a solid Lutz spruce material. This guitar is loved by both novice and veteran guitarists. You may also like to read a review on Academy 12e grand concert electric acoustic guitar.


  • It has a tuner onboard.
  • The labeled knobs make it easy to play.
  • It produces sound with sufficient volume.
  • It is ideal for entry-level guitarists.


  • It has no bass control.
  • Its built-in batteries aren’t durable.

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Taylor 110ce Cutaway Edition 100 Series Dreadnought Guitar

If you take a closer look at this Taylor guitar, you realize it has a layered walnut construction that results in resilience and visual appeal. The top comprises a solid Sitka spruce material, while the neck has a thin profile.

It is both an acoustic and electric guitar, and it has Taylor’s ES2 system for the electric guitar playing mode. As a result, it produces great acoustic sound without any alterations. With a nut width of 1 11/16 inches, you can make adjustments as needs dictate. This makes sure you entertain your audience for a concert they will remember.

brgtaylor110ceSince you will appreciate great portability, this Taylor guitar comes with a carrying bag. You can travel to your live concerts without going through many hassles. This is a nice guitar at an affordable price. It produces high-fidelity sounds, making it ideal for professional guitarists as well.

The Dreadnought design makes it a great option for Flatpicking and strumming guitarists. Besides, it produces clear treble notes for solo performers. This should be your number one go-to model if you’re looking for performance and price affordability.


  • The price is affordable.
  • The pickup and preamp are of high quality.
  • Its versatility makes it ideal for various music genres.
  • The top gives it a brighter tone for elegance.
  • The bass is strong and the treble is very clear.


  • The tonal quality doesn’t meet the high-end Taylor guitar series.
  • Its finish might not impress some customers.

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Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor

This guitar has some advantages: it’s portable, easy to play, and is very affordable. But don’t let its incredible price affordability fool you. It is full of state-of-the-art features that make it a number one choice for guitarists on the go.

Its 3/4 Size Dreadnought design makes it very easy to transport. Besides, it comes with a Taylor Gig Bag that adds more portability. Its top is made of a solid spruce material, back and sides are made of a Sapele material.

bgrtaylorbabyguitarTB1Its compact-size design makes it an excellent choice for kids. Also, high-stringing guitarists and players looking for mandolin-like sounds can appreciate this guitar model. Its natural color with a varnish finish adds beauty and elegance for a stylish performance.

Also, the Ebony-made fretboard with inlays made of Pearloid dots improves performance and style. The Laser-Etched soundhole rosette produces excellent acoustic sound for a delightful performance. This is one of the best Taylor guitars for young guitarists!


  • It is one of the most affordable Taylor guitars.
  • This is great for kids taking guitar lessons.
  • It is very portable due to its compactness.
  • It comes with a carrying bag.


  • It lacks a double-action truss rod.

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Taylor Guitars Baby Mahogany-e Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is a Pint-size Dreadnought-shaped bay guitar. Its top is made of Mahogany. It is an acoustic and electric guitar. For the electric mode, it features Expression System Baby (ES-B). This system is powered by a preamp that’s onboard this guitar’s body.

This preamp has a built-in digital chromatic tuner, making this Taylor guitar model one of the easiest to tune and use. Originally, this was a model made for travelers. But other guitarists have adopted it for their high-stringing, lap slide plays, and alternate tunings for flavor-rich acoustic recordings.

bgrtaylortravelguitarDue to its compact size, this is one of the best Taylor guitars for kids. It is very affordable, meaning you can get it for your kids if they’re taking musical lessons involving playing guitars.

The good news is that you don’t even have to pay exorbitant amounts to get this guitar model. As such, you can buy it if you’re a novice, or even if you have solid experience in the game!


  • It is ideal for kids.
  • The ebony fingerboard is high-quality.
  • The rosette produces great acoustic sound.
  • The Expression System Baby (ES-B) also produces a natural acoustic sound.


  • It might not be ideal for finger-style plays.
  • It doesn’t come with a hard case.

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In conclusion, we can say that Taylor guitars are some of the best brands out there on the market. They make a great musical instrument both for entry-level (novice) and professional guitarists. They’re of high quality, meaning you can expect them to serve you for many years.

We have gone through some of the best Taylor guitars on the market. If you need to further your music career as a guitarist, you should invest in high-end Taylor guitars. Their prices might be high. But their state-of-the-art specifications and features justify the price.

Moreover, you can be sure to find some models that are affordable. So, what’s left? Well, you now need to invest in one of these guitars if you’re an enthusiast or a professional guitarist. Your guitar will have an impact on the quality of your music and how you entertain your audience. Making a careful selection is, therefore, important in this case.

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