Taylor Academy Series: Academy 12e Grand Concert Acoustic-Elec Guitar

Why Taylor Academy Series

Taylor Academy series guitars are known for their passion for improving every player’s guitar playing experience. And they have demonstrated that passion in this amazing guitar.

In other words, with the Academy 12e Grand Concert, you won’t need to give up your passion for the guitar. Specifically, this guitar offers every guitar lover the best playing experience.

The Amazing Features of the Academy 12e Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar

This Taylor Academy Series Guitar comes loaded with very unique features. And all of these features work together as a piece. This gives the musical instrument its amazing characteristics and nature. Furthermore, this amazing guitar comes in a beautiful all-in-one package.

What is more, the package is comprised of a wide variety of musical elements. Some of these elements include a soft leather casing, a strap, and three picks. Besides all these, there is also an instructional DVD for easy mastering.

Here are some major features of the Taylor Academy 12e Grand Acoustic Guitar:


The Academy 12e Grand Concert is designed to be one finger style guitar like no other. It offers you the extra comfort a compact Solid Sitka Spruce body can give. In addition, the wood pairing is made of a very strong spruce top.

It also comes with layered Sapele sides and back with Matte 2 finish. The fingerboard and bridge boast of genuine African ebony. And not some artificial substitutes some guitars come with. Besides that, it has a Nut width of 1.687 inches.

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The neck

The neck of this guitar is a totally engineered version of Taylor’s patented design. This design makes the calibration of the neck angle with precision possible. It also allows the unhindered serviceability of the guitar.

The 1-11/16-inches nut width and a 24-7/8-inches scale length make it easy to handle and use. Nevertheless, the guitar’s neck top bracing and all of its internal architectural features were optimized for projection and volume.

Surprisingly, it comes with complete size guitar dimensions in addition to the suitable width and depth. The neck of this guitar is also true and straight. As a matter of fact, these features work hand-in-hand. They neither compromise any important music function nor affect the tonal quality.

Shape and size

This Taylor Academy Series Guitar is a smaller-bodied guitar ideal for fingerstyle. It has the clean symmetrical appearance of a conventional acoustic guitar. It has a scale length of 24-7/8″, body width of 15″, body length of 191/2, and body weight of 43/8.

Sound quality

With the Academy 12e, you can always be sure of the most balanced sound quality. In fact, the tonal balance from this guitar is second to none. To tell the truth, this guitar produces a very fine sound right out of the box. This fine sound makes learning any style on the instrument very inspiring.

Additionally, it comes with a very rich midrange, a voluptuous treble, and a disciplined bass. All of these sound quality features make the Academy 12e Grand Concert most ideal rhythm guitar.

The package

There is more to the Academy 12e Grand Concert package than the casing itself, such as;


It comes in a lightweight deluxe gig bag casing. This keeps the guitar protected from harsh environmental conditions. The casing also contains important guitar tools for necessary adjustments.


It comes with a comfortable strap. This strap allows you to wear the guitar around your shoulders. This helps to hold the guitar in place and support its weight.


This comes with a reasonable price also. You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a new one. The price is quite affordable as compared to other acoustic guitar models. You get good value for money buying the Academy 12e Grand Concert.

Fortunately, at $650, you can get a new Academy 12e Grand Concert. In all honesty, this guitar can be a lifesaver when you are gigging or recording on a slim budget.


  • The armrest allows you to play while standing up on a strap with ease and comfort
  • It comes armed with a built-in tuner, a feature which most Taylor’s lack
  • The comfortable and lightweight body makes it easy to play, easy to strum and fret
  • Covers a wide range of musical preferences and tones
  • The Grand Concert shape makes it ideal as a fingerstyle guitar


  • However, this guitar comes with no truss rod adjustment tool
  • Also, it has less bass response


The Taylor Academy Series Guitar introduces guitar lovers and players to the very best of guitar features. It has an unparalleled build quality. This guitar also has the most playable and stable necks in addition to its tonal possibilities.

The 12e Grand concert is made from ethically-sourced raw materials. All of these make this guitar the ideal guitar for any entry-level player to use. It is easy to master and maintain.

What makes this Taylor Academy Series Guitar Amazing?

This guitar offers you immediate satisfaction. This makes any new player continue playing for long. The Academy 12e Grand Concert Guitar has a lightweight and comfortable size. Moreover, the Academy 12e Grand Concert is easy to carry and play anytime.

This guitar gives you a playing and listening experience you will not forget in a hurry. It also yields a very rewarding sound in the hands. Whether you are a new player or an experienced one, you will get the same rewarding experience. The Guitar is durable in a minimal cost. And this explains why no new player feels intimidated playing and caring for this guitar.


The Taylor Academy Series Guitar is both suitable for private practices and professional stage performances. However, the easy to use features make practicing with this guitar an easy task for new players. For experienced players, this is probably the most reliable short-scale guitar in the guitar market today.

To sum it all up, budget guitars have never offered great sound and easy playability. This is where Taylor has demonstrated their ingenuity. The Academy 12e offers the student guitar player the chance to enjoy great sounds at a budget-friendly rate.

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