Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar For Kids Review: Best Travel Guitar

Why Yamaha JR1 Acoustic Guitar for Kids

When it comes to getting an appropriate guitar for kids, making the right choice can be challenging. Getting the appropriate musical instrument for your child helps in quick learning and make the practice session fun. It is true to say music is food for the soul. It is also true that good music is a clear reflection of talent mixed up with regular practice. The productivity and quality of a session is dependent on the investment of the musical instrument.

Having the ability to play an instrument makes an integral part of great musician. The guitar has being one of the universal musical instrument, an elemental part of any music genre. Therefore, it is a necessity for any aspiring artiste, especially the young. The Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar is the best guitar for kids currently available in the market. Alternatively, you may use it as a travel guitar.


The Yamaha JR1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar features some unique aspects that make it the best mini guitar for kids. They include:

Unique construction and design

Most of the manufacturers try to consider cost for its materials that are used to build a guitar, this is why it is sometimes difficult to make an affordable guitar. You will be happy to that JR1 is used standard components within the retail price.

Guitar body

The Yamaha JR1 mini guitar for kids features an innovative design that had kids in thought. It is an extension of the legendary FG Series ensure that the quality of acoustics across the divide. Crafted out of passion, it is construction features a careful selection of wood to give a top quality final guitar. Being a sizeable instrument, it is meant for a small-bodied user, which ensures comfort during the long-playing session. It has a shorter neck to fit in a kids arm, a wooden fingerboard, and beautiful top and chrome hardware accessories. With a wide variety of decoration to cater for all, there kids guitar for girls is available too.

Am being reserved saying the Yamaha JR1 guitar series checks all boxes elegance and class is a small package. Its small-sized and compact making guitar travel an easy task as it saves on space or carries around.

D’Addario EPS510 ProSteels guitar strings

A guitar performance is dependent on the quality of strings used during the construction. Therefore, the quality of the material used should be the best. The Yamaha JR1 uses the light gauge strings made from a magnetic steel alloy. These strings guarantee a clear, crisp tone with little setting required.

The strings are corrosion resistant to ensure it is consistent with the tone output over time and reduce snapping. The plain steel ranges from .010 to .017, while the ProSteels wound range from.026 to .046.

Guitar for kids


The Yamaha mini folk guitar comes with an array of accessories that aimed at making the kids experience as great as possible. These include;

On stage acoustic guitar gig bag

The travel size guitar comes with an on-stage guitar bag that is made with a waterproof exterior that repels water. Therefore, you can rest easy that your guitar is protected from the harsh weather elements during transit.

It also features a soft interior liner that protects and provide soft padding for the guitar from kid’s damage during transport. It ensures that the delicate guitar exterior construction is well taken of.
The bag also has a front pocket for storage of any extra luggage or other accessories. Fitted with a strong double pull zips, they allows for easy opening and closing of the bag. It also has two carrying handles that provide for easy carrying of the acoustic guitar for kids.

D’Addario NS Micro clip-on tuner

It is a headstock tuner from the D’Addario planet waves company. The accessory finds its use in a range of fretted musical instruments. With a clever clip-on design, it makes it easier for attachment on the guitar neck of starter guitar for kids.

Thanks to its small compact design and an adjustable ratchet mechanism, it can be installable over the entire headstock length. It is also hides away at the back to give kids an easy time while playing the guitar.

The clip-on tuner gives a visual metronome as a practicing aid. It also has a reversible multicolor display and quick and easy tuning making the real guitar for kids thanks to its operability.
The accessory works through strings vibrations to give a final accurate chromatic tuning for quality output on the other end.

Hal Leonard Guitar Method book/CD pack

A user manual goes a long way in making Yamaha a beginner guitar for kids. The Hal Leonard instructional manual gives precise instructions to the kids on how to play and maintain their guitars. This increases the guitar service life. It also comes with samples songs for practicing. They too include the ‘Amazing grace’ and ‘when the saints go marching in’ just to mention a few.

Ernie polypro guitar strap

The Yamaha acoustic travel guitar also comes with an adjustable two inches wide polypropylene strap. The strap is adjustable from 36 inches to 68 inches to suit for small children. The strap is also available in a variety of colors to suit all personal preferences for kids and does not stretch during use. It is also fitted with genuine leather ends for durability.

Assorted pearl celluloid guitar pricks

Playing the guitars can be quite an overwhelming task especially for kids. Therefore, guitar pricks come in handy in avoiding sore fingers after playing sessions. The pearl colloid guitar pricks provide a natural hand feel as you play the strings giving a good note.
They come in different sizes and comfortable shapes for a more articulate playing of the small guitar for kids.


  1. Suitable for kids
  2. A set of accessories
  3. Micro clip-on tuner
  4. Sturdy ProSteel strings


  1. Not for left-hander
  2. No back strap with bag


The Yamaha JR1 ¾ size acoustic guitar is the best guitar for kids. It comes with affordable price for unmatched performance. With such attention and effort to making the guitar child-friendly, it makes the best choice for any parent to get their kid who has a passion for music.

The Yamaha JR Series also is a small travel guitar that caters for the needs of a frequent traveler. Also due to its small size and a well thought and designed travel bag making it easy to carry it around.


The Yamaha guitar has been built using the state of the art of technology that makes it stand out from the crowd. The guitar is a capable of working with a majority of other instruments in harmoniously without compromising the quality of the sound. There are many who also consider Yamaha CG122MCH classical guitar for their kids. This model is also popular as travel guitar.

It gives guitar almost endless capabilities in virtually every day musical setting. No need to get different instruments as the guitar can serve the purpose.


Yamaha has been a global brand since its inception in 1887. The company had its goal in perfecting the art of music through an array of instruments from pianos, keyboards, marching instruments, drums among their products line.

When it comes to their guitars, they are a household name. The Yamaha JR1 ¾ size acoustic guitar will meet or even exceed your expectations.

The instrument also comes with some accessories, which offer a limited warranty. The warranty covers issues that most guitar for kids experience to ensure that your child enjoys the product without any limitations.

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