Best Guitar Amps: Top Guitar Amplifiers for Beginners in the Market

Are you a music enthusiast and looking for the best guitar amps that offer an out of this world musical experience? Then look no further. In this guide, we have provided a well-detailed review of some of the top-notch guitar amplifiers available today.

Purchasing a good guitar is the first step. The other step is buying an amplifier compatible with your guitar. Different types of guitar amplifiers are available with a varying specification. To get the right amplifier with enriched sound and tone, you will need to make a wise choice.

The decision whether to buy a solid state or a valve guitar amplifier greatly depends on personal preferences. In addition, it is important to consider the purpose you want to use the amp for. To answer the common question, ‘which is the suitable for you and your guitar?’ we have provided several pointers. These will keep you on the right track in making the most appropriate choice.

How to choose the best Guitar Amps

While shopping for the best guitar amplifier, you need to check several factors. These factors will determine the quality of music you get. Selecting an outstanding amplifier for your guitar is important. This is if you intend to take your musical career to the next level.
Provided below are some of the essential features you need to look out for:


First of all, the choice you make will greatly depend on the purpose. For a beginner, a small guitar amp is a good option. A small amp is good for practicing and rehearsing. Despite the fact that they are small sized, you will be amazed at the versatility they have. Large sized guitar amplifiers are less mobile. However, they offer great performances. These may be suitable for professional guitar players. This is because they are suitable for use in studios and stage performances.


Portability is an important factor to consider when looking for a guitar amplifier. A portable guitar amplifier is easy to carry anytime and anywhere. These amps are comfortable to carry during travel because of their small and compact sizes.


Price is also another important factor to consider. These instruments come at varying prices. Their prices depend on their specifications. Beginners may plan to get their first guitar amplifiers within a low budget. On the other hand, professional players may go for more expensive amplifiers with more powerful features.


Most guitar amplifiers have two switchable channels. One channel is used while playing clean sound. Clean sound plays without distortion. On the other hand, the second channel is the dirty channel. Dirty channel enables playing with distortion sound effects. Contrary, others have one channel.


The sizes of speakers vary. As a result, the sound produced by an amplifier tends to vary as well. The standard size for speakers is 12 inches. Some of the amplifiers come with speakers and guitar amplifiers as a single unit. All of them are packaged in one cabinet. These types are known as a combo. Combos can either possess one or two 12″ speakers. Combos are a perfect choice for starters who want to use the amps for learning.

Other types have the speakers and amplifiers packaged in separate cabinets. They are also referred to as head and cabinet guitar amplifiers. These are much more powerful than a combo. This is because they come with one, two or even four 12 inch speakers. Head and cabinet guitar amplifiers are also a good choice. This is especially for professional guitar players.

Other features a player can look out for include;

USB connectivity

Guitar amps with USB connectivity can easily be connected to other devices.

Power rating

Finally, the power rating of an amplifier determines its strength. It determines the ability to produce strong and quality sound.

In this guide, we have reviewed some of the best types of guitar amplifiers.

Fender ’65 Princeton Reverb 15-Watt 1×10-Inch Guitar Combo Amp

Fender Princeton Reverb is a 15 Watt multi-purpose electric guitar amplifier. It comes with remarkable features. Undoubtedly, it is an amazing choice for anyone looking for an amplifier for rehearsing, recording and even for performing. In addition, it is suitable for use in small venues. When it comes to quality, the amplifier may be a cut above the rest.

For decades, Fender has remained a top-notch brand. Fender produces the best amplifiers to the market. It offers an array of musical tones sound effects. By all means, Fender Princeton is an amazing option. These sound effects include tube vibrato and reverb. Fender has been used by the world’s greatest performers on various platforms. Without a doubt, its’ qualities also have remained unchanged over the years. Fender Princeton Reverb is a new version of the authentic Fender amplifiers. It has retained remarkable sound and tonal properties. Remember, it is much better than Fender Tube Amp or Fender Mustang Amp.

Fender Princeton Reverb 001


An outstanding feature of the amplifier is that it is all tube. Thus, it comes with several preamp tubes. It boasts one 12AT7 tube, three 12AX7 tubes, and one 5AR4 rectifier tube. In addition, it features two 6V6 power tubes. Again, it comes with a legendary design and a vintage-style. All these features give the amplifier a decent look.

The 40 watt 12” Jensen speaker gives good music quality. Amazingly, it’s possible to regulate depth and intensity of reverb effect. In addition, users can control the vibrato, bass, and treble. This is through the controls on the control panel. A volume control knob is available on the control panel. It also has two ¼” input jacks and ¼” output jack.

Furthermore, it is a one-channel guitar amplifier. The amplifier provides 15watt power output perfect for Jensen speakers. Lastly, it utilizes a valve rectifier.


  • Fender is a popular brand. It is well known for great performance.
  • It is small, compact and light in weight. Therefore, it is highly portable.


  • Its’ price is relatively high.


In conclusion, Fender Princeton Reverb is the ideal amplifier for the beginners. If you are a serious musician seeking to take your career to the next level, you can also consider this. With a Fender Princeton Reverb, you can enjoy almost all the features you want from a guitar.

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Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Amplifier

Orange Crush 20RT Guitar Amplifier is a re-innovation of the Crush series of guitar amplifiers. These are practice amplifiers. They work well for practicing and recording. Additionally, they are used in small venues for small performances. With built-in reverb and chromatic tuner, players can tune the tone of their choice.

The amplifier provides top-notch sound and tones. Orange Crush 20RT has speakers (8 inches). These perfectly deliver a well-balanced sound. In addition, vintage highs and modern lows come out nicely. This way, a high level of clarity maintained all through.

In terms of performance, it outperforms other similar guitar amplifiers available today.

Orange Crush Guitar Amp -001


To get a clearer picture of Orange Crush 20 RT, let us take a look at the feature. First, Crush 20 RT provides balanced sound. This is because it comes with three controls; a 3-band EQ, reverb control, gain control and volume control.

Secondly, its’8-inch speaker produces magical sounds and tones. Orange Crush 20RT comes with dimensions 7.9″ x 13.8″ x15.8″. This is a good size for a practicing amplifier. It also offers a power output of 20 Watts. This power rating produces volume sufficient for both practicing and stage performances.

Another remarkable feature is the twin foot-switchable channels. These offer an opportunity to enjoy all-time favorite tunes. Whether you need a thick distortion or light overdrive, the amp offers an array of sound and tones, Therefore, buyers have numerous options. Even more, the headphone output gives you an opportunity to enjoy great sound.


  • Above all, Orange Crush 20 RT is portable.
  • Secondly, it delivers great performances without much noise.


  • Towards the bass end, the sound is not well balanced.


It doesn’t matter whether you are into country music, rock, jazz or any other music genre. Orange Crush 20RT has something to offer. The legendary amplifier offers an array of tones. In addition, they come out with high clarity. For clean tones and reverb, it delivers even beyond expectations. Again, for outstanding performances, get Orange Crush 20 RT amplifier.

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Fishman Loudbox Mini Guitar Amplifier

Fishman Loudbox is a 60W one of the best guitar amps. These amplifiers boast a good set of specifications. They provide users with the high-quality sound. Fishman is a known brand for delivering quality tone and sound. These are not just ordinary guitar amplifiers. They are legends in the music industry. Whether you use it for live show performances or rehearsals, it works perfectly. It will give you the opportunity to unleash your potential.

fishman guitar amp - 001


Just like the name suggests, Fishman Loudbox is loud enough. The amp is designed to fill up a venue with quality sound. It includes a 3 band EQ with control for high, mid and low tones. The 2 band EQ has control over high and low tones. In addition, it offers two channels. The first channel is for the instrument. Contrary, the other is for the microphone.

As a matter of fact, Fishman Loudbox is an excellent choice. It gives a good reverb and chorus effect. The quarter-inch input offers adjustable chorus and reverb. To achieve good sound quality, it coordinates with a 3-band preamp. On the other hand, XLR input offers adjustable reverb and 3-band EQ. In addition, Fishman Loudbox comes with an XLRD. I output. This enables the user to capture live performances. It comes packed with controls for high, mid and low tones.


  • Fishman Loudbox offers great sound quality.
  • Light in weight therefore portable.


  • Speakers are not very powerful for larger stage performances.


To sum up, Fishman Loud box is a great performer. By all means, it beats other acoustic guitar amplifiers. Indeed, its’ reverb and chorus sounds are great. Additionally, it is a popular guitar amplifier known for its remarkable tonal quality.

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Sawtooth ST-AMP-10ST-AMP-10 10-Watt Electric Guitar Amp

Sawtooth ST-AMP is a solid state guitar amplifier amp. It comes with a decent design and a good set of specifications. Sawtooth ST-AMP is a world-class instrument. It is certainly an amazing instrument for a beginner. First, it’s suitable for practice. Secondly, for rehearsals and performances, Sawtooth ST- AMP gives the desired results. Even though it’s a small amplifier, it produces good sound. However, it is not very loud for stage performances. It may not be the preferred choice for professionals. Nonetheless, it works well for beginners. Despite the small size, Sawtooth ST- AMP brings out the best out of your guitar sound.

sawtooth guitar amp - 001


The amplifier comes with a 6.5” speaker and one of the best guitar amps. For this reason, it delivers good tones. With Sawtooth ST-AMP, you can enjoy a wide range of tones. It has controls for drive, gain, and volume. The master EQ controls bass, mid and treble. It’s a one-channel amplifier that offers drive onboard effects. However, it lacks reverb. For silent recording, the amp also features a headphone output.


  • Highly affordable.
  • It is small in size hence light in weight.
  • The amplifier produces quality sound even though it is small in size.
  • It offers great performances.


  • Its’ sound level is not too loud.
  • The amplifier lacks auxiliary input.


To sum up, Sawtooth ST-AMP is a small amplifier with a fantastic look. In addition, it gives an impressive sound. It is an amplifier you can carry around even while traveling. You, therefore, need to get one for an enjoyable experience.

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Blackstar FLY3PAK Guitar Amplifier

Blackstar FLY3PAK is a mini guitar amplifier with a portable speaker. It not only provides quality sound but also good design and looks. FLY 3PAK version of the Blackstar guitar amp series has left a huge mark in the music industry. With superb and much sought after features, you can get real value for money.

Blackstar guitar amps - 001


The amplifier is an innovation of the Blackstar amplifier series. It offers Infinite Shape Feature (IFS). The Blackstar patented technology allows the user to adjust the sound properties of Blackstar amplifier. This is to ensure well-balanced sound and tones. It also provides two channels. These include an overdrive and clean. With this, you can have a great taste of your favorite tones. That is why it is one of the best guitar amps.

In addition, it comes with a 3-inch speaker. The speaker produces great sound and tones. For higher sound volumes, the amplifier can still be attached to a speaker cabinet.


  • The mini amplifier is small-sized hence portable.
  • It is a battery powered guitar amplifier. This means it may be used anywhere even in places with no electricity.


  • Due to the small size, may not be a suitable option for professional musicians.


Blackstar FLY3PAK guitar amplifier is a small guitar with impressive features. It offers great sound and tunes. It is an instrument you can take home with confidence. For a great companion and some of the favorite tunes, Blackstar FLY3PAK is an excellent choice.

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Pyle PVAMP30 Vamp-Series Amplifier with 3-Band EQ

Pyle Pro PVAMP30 is a 30 Watts guitar amplifier in the Vamp series of Pyle amplifiers. It is a little impressive amplifier with high-quality sound. The amplifier has almost all the ideal features. With impressive specifications, it gives guitarists an opportunity to showcase their talents and skills.

Therefore, you don’t have to be a professional guitar player to own a Pyle PVAMP30. A beginner can simply kick-start their music career with this simple amplifier.

pyle guitar amp - 001


The amplifier comes with a 6-inch speaker. This is capable of producing strong and powerful sound. This amplifier is suitable for small venue performances and silent practice as well.

For silent practicing or rehearsals, the amplifier requires to connect to headphones. This can be done through the ¼” headphone jack. On the other hand, you can easily connect it to external speakers through the ¼” output jack. This way, you get stronger sound. The amplifier can also be connected to a headphone through the ¼ inch output. This enables the guitarist set the amplifier on silent mode to enable silent practicing and rehearsing.

The amp offers two channels; overdrive and clean. In addition, it comes loaded with several controls including a base, and treble. These ensure you get the right blend of musical tones.


  • The sound produced is of high quality.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is portable.


  • Speakers are not as powerful as those found in larger amplifiers.


In conclusion, Pyle is a pretty little amplifier offered at a pocket-friendly price. The amp is helpful to beginners intending to grow their skills. It is also a good guitar amplifier for showcasing your skills on-stage performances.

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Marshall M-DSL 1 CR-U Guitar Amplifier

Marshall M-DSL 1 CR-U is an innovation of Guitar Amplifiers in the Marshall M-DSL series. It has taken the music industry by storm. The guitar amplifier boasts a good set of specifications. This is a guitar amplifier that takes care of the needs of a beginner as well as those of experts. You can use it for silent rehearsals and stage live performances.

marshall guitar amp - 001


The Marshall DSM model features an adjustable power output. This feature enables regulation of tone and sound volume. It also features a single input. With two channels and each with a master volume control, you are guaranteed of good quality music. In addition, the Marshal Guitar amplifier also has built-in reverb control. However, this amplifier lacks resonance controls.

The all-tube Marshall DSL guitar amplifier features a 12 inch Celestion V-type speaker. Consequently, it has the capacity to produce great sound and tones. For recording, players can adjust the amplifier to silent mode.


  • It is available at a highly affordable price.
  • The amplifier is certainly a high performer.
  • They are long lasting guitar amplifiers


  • Unlike other guitar amplifiers, it lacks resonance controls.


The new Marshall M-DSL is a versatile amplifier in Marshall series. It is personalized to meet every guitarist’s needs. For rehearsals and stage performance, Marshall M-DSL is the amplifier to have. Whether you want it for outdoor or indoor use, it works perfectly everywhere.

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Final Words

In conclusion, finding the best guitar amplifier depends on your purpose. Additionally, it depends on one’s taste and preference. Different guitar amplifiers suit different purposes. It is a matter of different strokes for different folks. You, therefore, need to clearly state your purposes. Finally, you need to select any of the above-mentioned guitar amplifiers. They are the best guitar amplifiers available in the market.

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Some Popular Guitar Amps in the market

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