Alvarez Artist Series AD30 Review: Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Why Alvarez Artist Series AD30

Alvarez Artist Series AD30, Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is one of the most recommended guitars among the acoustic guitars for the music freaks and professional artists. Because of its cheap cost, it is highly appreciated among the guitarists. Though it is considered best for the beginners it is equally effective and a professional sort of instrument for those who want maximum potential from very handy and sleek shaped guitar. The hardware and designer’s craftsmanship is truly remarkable.


Body and Neck

Refined wood is used to make the hardware of this guitar, as the back and sides of Alvarez Artist Series AD30; Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is made up of mahogany that surely highlights the value of this guitar. The vibrating strings strike the wood and produce different tones for different duration of time. There is a rosewood fingerboard that consists of 20 frets and a fitting nut.

This set neck electric guitar is actually available in a separate style but the upper portion and neck are in a single piece. The glare of the guitar body is because of the glossy polish which is a signature mark of mahogany wood.

alvarez artist series


As compared to the price the top-notch quality of this instrument is very high. It uses D’ Addario EXP strings are fixed above the rosewood bridge while six die-cast chrome made turners embellish the headstock of this guitar. We can say that this guitar is a remarkable combination of styling with quality.

All component of this guitar is made up of original material like mother of pearl and abalone inlays, real bones are used to make up the saddles and also nuts along with rosewood made bridges.


The vibrations of the string are the actual thing. It produces a swirling sound that is why the guitar’s top is cut thinner so that its vibrations can touch the classical heights. The outstanding tone of Alvarez Artist Series Guitar makes it stand apart from the other guitars of its family. Moreover, the bass and treble sides are adjusted in such a way that they produce a transparent clear sound.

Shape and Colors

Alvarez Artist Series AD30, Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is available in slim and sleek shapes. these are easy to handle with a wide variety of stunning color to give the artist a chic look. Besides these, you can select this guitar in a wood material of your own choice. In short, we can say that this guitar is the only instrument that can give your band a big bang.

Other Features of Alvarez Artist Series

  • Dreadnought shaped body
  • Top made with solid Sitka spruce
  • Scalloped bracing
  • Semi-glossy finish
  • Dovetail neck joints
  • Chrome tuners, die-cast
  • Nut and saddle made with real bone


If anyone wants to see state of art within a single musical instrument then this guitar is the best example. No matter how many other instruments are attached with this guitar, you can never find any jerk or discontinuity in the sound of this guitar. In addition, the harmonious sound of this guitar is remarkable and truly stands out among all the guitars of the same family.


  • Sharp and loud sound output
  • Clear vibrations make pure sound
  • Sturdy pro steel strings
  • Best and handy for beginners


  • guitar case is not included
  • No accessory is offered


Alvarez Artist Series AD30, Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is a musical instrument with a high-class sound output which is the significance of this product. The treble and bass well occupy each other thus making this guitar the best instrument for the pop and jazz bands. It is a completely exciting instrument that complements your music love the best. Highly recommended for those who want to learn to play guitar and also for the professionals because its sound can compete the highest level performance made by any guitar.


Alvarez always distinguishes its musical instruments from the other companies because of their distinct features. This trustworthy name is something that will certainly meet all expectations that you make for this kind of professional guitar that is available with warranty as well. The lightweight supreme quality guitar is always the first choice of musical bands and fun lovers.

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