Ovation Applause Balladeer AB2412-5 Guitar Review: 12 String Guitar

Why Ovation Applause Balladeer AB2412-5 Guitar?

Ovation AB2412-5 Applause balladeer is an electric acoustic guitar. It gives excellent sound and tunes. Ovation acoustic-electric guitar is one of the top notch 12 string guitars in the Ovation Applause series. When we talk of quality sound, this acoustic guitar gives this and beyond our expectation. High quality has remained a priority in all guitars in the Ovation Applause Balladeer series. Not only they offer excellent sound, but also they are very affordable. It is an instrument designed to provide all the essential features guitar players would want in a guitar. In addition, the manufacturer has saved production costs. This is to ensure the product gets to the market at an affordable price. It is worth noting that packs remarkable features all in a single guitar.

Features of Ovation Applause Balladeer AB2412-5 Guitar

Ovation acoustic-electric guitar is a specially designed acoustic-electric guitar. It comes with an array of top quality features.

Some of its features include;

Sound Quality

One important feature that most shoppers look out for is the sound quality. The Ovation acoustic-electric guitar has great sounds and tones. Its sound is good enough for an acoustic-electric guitar in the budget range of $300-$400. As a matter of fact, the guitar plays well both on soprano and bass.

Another important feature of the guitar is the built-in Ovation OP-4BT pre-amp. The pre-amp offers excellent sound and tone. These guitars are not the noisy types. You can play them comfortably without disturbing the peace of the people in your neighborhood. In addition, you can use it for practice even from your hotel room.

However, the guitar requires plugging into external instruments to boost their sound volumes. This is especially when you want to use the guitar for stage performances. In addition, the built-in chrome die-cast tuners contribute to the overall high quality and sound balance.

Ovation Applause Balladeer


Ovation Applause Balladeer AB2412-5 acoustic-electric guitar is a reasonably priced musical instrument. With regards to quality, the guitar is a good item of great value. Anyone on a low budget can purchase this musical instrument. Whether you are a learner seeking a practice guitar, or a professional seeking a simple instrument to carry, Ovation AB2412-5 is an excellent option. Again, it features a built-in preamp which further saves on extra costs for external amplification instruments

The Neck and Body

The guitars have included the cutaway feature which is a common feature in standard acoustic guitars. The guitar has a round back and a lyrachord shape for its’ body. This provides sufficient volume as well as projection. These two factors contribute to the quality and sound balance of the guitar. With a satin finish and a 2 teilger Nato neck, the guitar has a pleasant appearance. The neck is made of Mora material which is strong durable yet light in weight.

The main body features neatly laminated wooden sides as well as a spruce top which is also laminated. The back is made of fiberglass. Beneath the strings is a sound hole from which excellent sounds and tones resonate.

In addition, the guitar is available in a range of four different colors. They come in a stunning natural color including black.

The Rosewood fingerboard is yet another important feature of the 12 string ovation acoustic-electric guitar. Not only it provides comfortable playability but also ensures high-quality sound production. The guitar features a scale length of 25.25 inches. A 25-inch scale length is good enough for an acoustic guitar in this price range. Additionally, along the fretboard is a total of 20 frets. All these contribute to the overall good and well-balanced sound.

Size and Portability

Another important feature of the guitar is the lightweight. It comes with a cutaway dreadnought size. It has a weight of 7.15 pounds and dimensions of 43” X 18” X 6.5”. Hence, it is highly portable and comfortable to travel with. You can package it nicely into its case and carry it with you wherever you want to go.


The Ovation applause balladeer AB2412-5 acoustic-electric guitar is compatible with different music genres. Whether you like rock, RnB or blues, the guitar adapts well to all kinds of music. It caters to the needs of all guitar players. In addition, it works well for both practicing and stage performances.


  • The guitar produces well-balanced sound.
  • It comes with a built-in tuner and preamp.
  • An affordable guitar with great sound and amazing features.
  • Most importantly, the guitar is durable.


  • May not be a preferred choice for highly professional guitar players.


The Ovation Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a great musical instrument. This is especially for beginners who wish to use it for practicing. Despite its superior quality and features, its price is still quite affordable. It is a great choice for learners and intermediate guitar players. This is the acoustic guitar to look out for especially for great amplified sound and tunes.

Just to mention, it is manufactured by a reputed company. Unlike other brands, it is a guitar you can carry to the beach or hiking. You can play soothing music while watching the beauty that nature offers as well. Legends in the music industry have made great milestones in their musical careers with the Ovation AB2412-5 Acoustic Electric Guitar. Furthermore, playing around with the strings and producing great musical tone is really exciting.

Note Worth

The ovation applause balladeer AB2412-5 acoustic-electric guitar is a perfect guitar for newbie guitar players. The instrument features a fixed bridge system. Guitars with fixed bridges are simple and easy to understand. Secondly, these bridges require minimal attention and maintenance. New players can easily adjust string height and intonation as well. Furthermore, guitars with fixed bridge system are less likely to play off the tune. You may purchase a Guitar Amp with this guitar.

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