Best Electric Guitar under 500: Buyers Guide and Reviews

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When it comes to shopping for a guitar, purchasing a good guitar requires a lot of considerations. First, the buyer must be able to identify the basic requirements by the guitar. Secondly, the buyer has to consider the budget. The price of a guitar and the use are our two most important factors that every … Read more

How to Learn Guitar | Best Techniques of Playing Guitar

How to Learn Guitar Once you’ve become pretty good with the Lesson -1 and Lesson-2, you can now get to the real deal. Below are several things you might need for learning guitar. Different types of advanced method and playing technique are also described here. The amount of practice time you’ll invest will also have … Read more

Martin LXM vs LX1: Best Mini Acoustic Guitar

Martin lx

Are you confused among Marin LXM and LX1 and do you want to know the facts about Martin LXM vs LX1? Being around three-quarter size, the Little Martin Series is perfect for people who travel a lot. Since they are small, they can fit almost everywhere. They are durable and are perfect for people who have … Read more

Best Guitar Accessories: Tuner Stands Strings Picks Microphone etc

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Are you a music enthusiast looking for a good set of guitar accessories? Having a good guitar is very important. But having cool guitar accessories is always a great idea. It is necessary for any musician to find good guitar accessories that will work well with their guitar. Not only will good guitar accessories enable … Read more

Gator Guitar Cases: Best Molded Flight Guitar Cases with Lock

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Gator guitar cases are sturdy and well built. Also, the cases vary in shapes and sizes. They also fit different types of guitars. The cases are decent and comfortable for air traveling. The cases provide sufficient protection for your guitar. It is worth noting moisture is destructive to guitars. Therefore, a good case should be … Read more

Best Guitar Amps: Top Guitar Amplifiers for Beginners in the Market

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Are you a music enthusiast and looking for the best guitar amps that offer an out of this world musical experience? Then look no further. In this guide, we have provided a well-detailed review of some of the top-notch guitar amplifiers available today. Purchasing a good guitar is the first step. The other step is … Read more

Learning Acoustic Guitar | Guitar Basics for Every Beginner

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Is learning acoustic guitar chords very difficult? Not really! Countless expert guitar players have made a fortune entertaining audiences in social events, shows, and concerts. You can strum through a tranquil night beside a pit fire or choose to shred it amid jam sessions with friends. Aside from that, playing the guitar ensures that you’re … Read more

Best Phaser Pedals: Top Phaser Effect Pedal Buying Guide

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If you have been into the guitar for any reasonable amount of time, you must look for one of the best phaser padels first. They are modulation effect gadgets which simply alter the phase, frequency, and pitch of an audio signal while retaining the amplitude in a process called the phaser effect. The best phaser … Read more

Best Professional Acoustic Guitar | Top Guitar Brands

If you are aspiring to perform in professional setups, then you will need a more advanced and useful professional acoustic guitar. These guitars boast irresistible sound quality, amazing volume with tone controls so you can get the exact sound you need. The timeless instruments feature stylish appearances and vibrant smooth undistorted sound. You may end … Read more

How to Learn Guitar at Home | Free Guitar Lessons for Beginners

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To learn guitar at home is not always challenging. The guitar is one of the most interesting and enjoyable instruments to learn to play for any music lover. Music lessons can be expensive, but you can actually teach yourself to play guitar at home if you have a good beginner guitar and access to some … Read more