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If you are aspiring to perform in professional setups, then you will need a more advanced and useful professional acoustic guitar. These guitars boast irresistible sound quality, amazing volume with tone controls so you can get the exact sound you need. The timeless instruments feature stylish appearances and vibrant smooth undistorted sound. You may end up obsessed with your new equipment from the first time you play it. The enjoyable music will enchant you and flow right through the fingers into the guitar.

With the many professional acoustic guitars in today’s markets, it can be a tough call to make a conclusion on which option is perfect for you. For this reason, I have carried out acoustic guitar reviews and provided this guide in an attempt to come up with the best professional acoustic guitars for you. This in-depth guide will also enlighten you on just what you need to keep in mind when shopping for a brand new piece.

How to choose the best professional Acoustic Guitars

You should consider the following factors before purchasing your Professional Acoustic Guitar:

Size and Body styles

Before deciding to purchase you must ensure the guitar is moderately sized to give you a comfortable hold when playing it. The most common body styles that come with professional guitars include the grand concert, grand auditorium, dreadnought, jumbo and mini-travel acoustics. Concert acoustics are small with bright mid-range sound and are comfortable and usable by smaller users. The dreadnoughts are powerful with a very large soundboard and square bouts. Jumbo guitars are considered standard with a loud projection and deep resonance. Like their name suggests, travel and mini acoustics are smaller and portable making them easy to carry around and the easiest type of guitar to play.

Experience level

There are different guitar players that perform at different levels. Beginners who have never held a guitar before need a simple and less advanced guitar for beginners that are mostly cheaper. Experienced guitarists who make a living out of playing in bands ought to find professional high-end guitars

Sound Quality

The model you settle for ought to be highly sensitive and guarantee good sound quality. You must consider units that offer handy additions like a built-in amplifier or headphone jacks, inputs and outputs. It is senseless to purchase a product that doesn’t allow you to use it the way you’d like to.


Acoustic guitar prices vary. While you may find countless cheap options out there, it is crucial to pay attention to build and sound quality before purchasing one. Ensure the option you will acquire offers the best balance between affordability, value, and quality.


It is vital to ensure keen maintenance of your equipment. Make sure you keep it away from extreme hot or cold conditions and protect it against sharp objects. Ensure you keep your guitar in a protective case to keep it safe and secure during storage and transportation. You need to regularly clean the fretboard and replace old guitar strings if you want the guitar to continue sounding good.

Top Professional Guitar Brands

The following are easily some of the best professional guitars money can buy. Read on and choose for yourself from the acoustic guitar models one that fits you.

Product ModelTypeSpecial FeaturePrice
Gibson SJ-200S6-strings VintageFree hard-shell caseCheck Price
Martin D-28DreadnoughtFree strap and caseCheck Price
Taylor 224ceFishbone patternKoa grand auditorium Check Price
Ibanez AW54CEOPNArtwood dreadnoughtSonicore pickup, tunerCheck Price
Fender PM-1Deluxe dreadnoughtFishman pre-amp Check Price

Gibson Acoustic Guitar SJ22VNGH1 SJ-200, Vintage Sunburst

This appealing instrument sounds great with plenty of warmth and would please even the most demanding guitarists. It is one of the best all wood guitar and easily the best low price acoustic-electric guitar. The S6-strings J-200 Vintage boasts a rich and beautiful vintage tone with a reasonable amount of resonance and bass depth. The body, back, and neck are created of well-processed maple with an Adirondack red spruce top that has been thermally aged to add to the overall great sound and feel. A VOS finish has been hand done on to a nitrocellulose to give it the vintage touch. This set looks and sounds traditional with the antique binding on the fingerboard which is easy on your fingers. The ergonomic shape is convenient and comfortable to reduce hand fatigue during long performances.

Gibson sj22vang sj-200

An easy to use tuner provides easy and swift tuning and amplification. It features a sturdy wooden case to keep it secure and protected and also helps for easy carry anywhere and everywhere you choose to take the guitar. The price may seem to be a turn-off but it is totally worth every penny it costs making it the best expensive acoustic guitar. It is a decent choice for people with averagely long arms and can be used by the left-handed and right-handed alike.


  • Comes with a hard-shell case.
  • The antique binding makes it attractive.


  • It is expensive.


Those who have progressed with playing and developed a better sense of musicality have learned to appreciate this acoustic guitar kit much more. It may be more expensive than most standard guitars, but the price is justified by the high-quality of the sound it produces and solid construction. It is the best acoustic guitar for women and men alike and the easiest guitar to learn to play.

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Martin D-28 East Indian Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar, Natural

Martin has for a long time been a symbol of assurance to guitar professionals and seldom misses to strike the perfect tone and meet the expectation of all contemporary musicians. Their products have been delivering smooth, well-balanced sound since 1916. The D-28 is a continuation from the earlier D-1, D-2, and D-18 models. The body and back are built of neatly finished Indian rosewood which makes it feel very premium, with impressive natural appointments and a hugely-playable rosewood neck.

martin d-28

This acoustic guitar can handle pretty much every style of music. It has a deep sound box that gives out resounding high volumes with a clear treble and very strong bass. The sound quality is optimum and the lovable natural resonance cannot go unnoticed. It is excellent for club and concert performances where you need the sound power to be over-the-top. The tuners look amazing and are a breeze to use. The manufacturer recommends it for the right-handed guitar players. You will get a guitar strap for easy carry and a hard shell case for safe and secure storage and transportation. This company trusts in its workmanship and backs this product with a limited lifetime warranty so you should have absolutely zero doubts when buying this masterpiece. It is one of the best cheap Martin acoustic guitars you can find.


  • Comes with a guitar strap.
  • You get a free carry case.


  • It may not be affordable to some.


The curves and edges are smooth and defined adding to comfort and convenience while playing. It looks as good as it functions and is still durable and will make it through years of playing thanks to its sturdy construction. This kind of guitar assures countless decades of playing satisfaction with the best acoustic guitar tone that invokes mystery for some and a feeling of romance for other people.

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Taylor 224ce Deluxe Koa Grand Auditorium – Shaded Edgeburst

This reliable acoustic guitar is stylish and functional. It uses ebony wood for the build with a glossy finish that adds to its elegance. It is praised for the finely detailed faux pearl interlocking fishbone pattern rosette that exposes Italian acrylic small diamond inlays to compliment the beautifully shaded edge burst finish. The koa wood has long-lasting quality and the top board is created with durability in mind without compromising on its natural sound. It has easy to access and sparkly chrome tuners that are easy to adjust, swift and accurate.

Taylor 224ce

This 6-string acoustic guitar plays beautifully with a rich, warm and balanced tone. It produces a huge, bold sound that doesn’t require onboard electronics to be replicated. For this, you’ll get sweet, vivid and natural sound. It boasts a convenient shape and a long, strong and easy to play neck so you get a comfortable hold and a lot of enjoyment from playing it. As many would desire, it comes with a hard-shell case so you can securely carry it along and safely store this magnificent musical equipment. To cater for the rare chance of any customer dissatisfactions, the company allows a compensation. It is one of the best value acoustic guitars out there.


  • Includes a hard-shell case.
  • Expression System 2 Electronics.


  • The price is little high.


If you have your old acoustic and you love it, you may still need to upgrade to this acoustic guitar. It will be better acoustic guitar effects, longer lasting parts, and a higher quality build. It is one of the best acoustic guitars for the price that meets rigorous standards of quality in craftsmanship and tonal clarity before they reaching your hands. You surely wouldn’t regret buying this one from Taylor as one of the best acoustic guitar brands.

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Ibanez AW54CEOPN Artwood Dreadnought Acoustic

Acoustic guitars are essential to any musical setting and you should not compromise on the quality of the gear you use. You should grab this unit if you are a beginner or professional looking for a cheaper solution that can still remarkably well. The manufacturer chooses mahogany wood for the back and sides material giving it classic appearance and fine edged construction making it comfortable on your palms so you will have a good time when playing the tunes you love. The workmanship Ibanez puts into this piece is excellent and the durability is commendable. It can hold up to intense day to day use and make it through a lifetime.

Ibanez AW54CEOPN

This unit plays with a traditional acoustic feel with warmth to it. It sounds full and rich with a tight, rich tone that arouses a strong emotional feeling with astounding resonance. The volume, clarity, and tone are incredible and the sound is natural. It is loved by popular with guitarists of different abilities for its playability, comfort, and sound quality. It has an efficient onboard tuner and a phase switch for adjustments to suit your demands. If you just plug it into an external amplifier, you will find a Sonicore pickup along with Ibanez’s AEQ210TF preamp with a 2-band controller for easy adjustment. It is ideal for right-handed players.


  • It is easily affordable.
  • Comes with a pre-amp and onboard tuner.


  • It is large and inconvenient for people with small arms.


This is the best acoustic guitar for the money and will look good and stand out in any scenario. They have beautifully integrated details that add to the décor of any setup. Only a few instruments can outshine this one in the creation of great music. The sound is well defined and even works better than the best sounding Martin acoustic guitar.

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Fender Paramount PM-1 Deluxe Dreadnought – Vintage Sunburst

If you find pleasure in rich and powerful sound in different music settings and playing choices, check out this amazing acoustic guitar from Fender. The back and sides are built of alluring Indian Rosewood with a mahogany neck and ebony finger wood. The top material is Sitka spruces that gives it a sleek appearance and feel while providing a full, distinctive and well-balanced vintage tone. The string separation is perfect for quality workmanship and neat looks. The makers of this unit have somehow managed to cut down the cost while still offering the same great sound quality and solid build.

Professional Acoustic Gutiar

Any guitarist you ask will attest how impressive and warm the sound produced by this sweet and dependable companion is. If you are into vintage tone and style, this is your best bet. It the best acoustic guitar for the money and boasts unbelievable playability, reasonable price point and stays tuned for long making it a winner in every depth. A hard shell case ensures the instrument is a safe and sound while and make it easy to carry on the go. If you still have any more doubts, be comforted for the company offers a lifetime warranty to cover their excellent artistry. It is the perfect the perfect acoustic guitar for all you live performances and practice sessions.


  • Fishman preamp.
  • Hard-shell case to protect your investment.


  • It is slightly expensive.


When it comes to tonal clarity and craftsmanship, this is the best buy fender acoustic guitar you can buy. This piece of art allows you to play a wide array of tunes and can work well in many settings. Guitarists who have decided to get serious with playing should be assured of clean chords and notes without irritating overtones. This timeless piece will grow with you musically and offer years of song-building and decades of enjoyment.

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Final Verdict

You can’t compare the convenience and usefulness of a professional acoustic guitar. Many professional guitar players have made a fortune playing the guitar to entertain people during gatherings and concerts. It also keeps you on top of your game mentally. A guitar is an easy and convenient way to get lost in some sweet music and relax your brain after long hours of work. You can choose to strum through a quiet evening beside a campfire or decide to shred it during a jam session with friends.

The options I have mentioned earn good marks for reliability and quality and would make an excellent addition to any musician’s collection. They are the best acoustic guitars professional guitarists should go for. Regardless of the category, your genre of music falls into, you deserve a fully accomplished high-quality acoustic guitar. You will find perfect sound quality, amazing tuning, and great resonance to get the most out of your playing. The capable models we have looked at in this guide offer just that and you’re playing and singing experiences will never be the same with one of the mentioned picks in your cart. They have been created with you in mind and are well-suited for all occasions making them great investments worth considering.

Some More Best Professional Guitars

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