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Which is the best acoustic cutaway guitar brand? Whether you are in the market for your first or subsequent 6 string acoustic guitar, you have to be aware of several things. This article focuses on six highly respected brands. Each has the qualities you should look for when selecting the best cutaway acoustic guitar to suit your needs.

Obviously, your budget will dictate your choice, however an expensive acoustic guitar brand is not necessarily a better choice. Each one of these is a great acoustic guitar for beginners or experienced players and have a warm resonance and a full sound. In general cutaways, with the scoop cut out are a favored shape for those who would like to get up high into the frets. This allows your fingers easier access to the frets close to the sound hole.

Each guitar on the list will have different free inclusions provided by the manufacturer or retailer. Some retailers include a cutaway guitar case, however with others it is sold separately. All the guitars on this list are wooden, but can be solid wood or laminate, with laminate being generally a cheaper choice. You may need to choose a laminate acoustic guitar because solid wood is heavier. You may want a lighter guitar for shipping costs and easy transportation.

As experts in helping customers find the best acoustic guitar models for their needs, we have compiled this list as each one is a noble contender for the title of best cutaway acoustic guitar.

Best Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitars

Product ModelSpecial FeaturePrice
JasmineS34C NEXSplit SaddleCheck Price
MartinGPCX2AEMacassar PatternedCheck Price
EpiphoneAJ-100CEAcoustic JumboCheck Price
YamahaFSX830C3-band EQ PiezoCheck Price
FenderCC-140SCEFishman Presys pickupCheck Price
Glen BurtonGA204BCO-BK4 band 7545 EQCheck Price

1. Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Takamine’s Jasmine S34C Nex, provides an example of one of the best acoustic guitar for the money. However, it definitely does not sound or play like a budget guitar. This is one of the steel string guitars that is a dual-purpose acoustic electric guitar, as there are aftermarket kits available. It is however a priced at an entry point, which you can also bundle with a great value starter pack. It provides any beginner guitarist everything he or she will need.

For the price, the Jasmine S34C Nex provides an excellent sounding, resonant guitar with no flat spots, which is very encouraging when you are learning. It is characterized as a great all-round choice in the category of best playability acoustic guitar, perfect for beginner and expert player, for a wide range of purposes, from private lessons and recreation to gigs and studio recording.

Jasmine s-34c


Great playability:

It is a great acoustic guitar for beginners. Unlike some acoustic guitars where the height of the strings towards the sound board, can be too high, which is very difficult for beginners, the Jasmine S34C provides a low rise and easier playability. Takamine’s design features include an asymmetrical neck profile which more easily fits the natural shape of a player’s hand.

Sound quality:

The Jasmine is an amazing choice which gives a lovely bright sound. It has a clarity with no buzzing, no flat spots and sounds like a solid wood guitar, when it is a laminate. The sound quality is due in part to the X-bracing in the frame, allowing a resonant tone. Despite being aimed at the student end of the market, even expert players will enjoy the pleasant, effortless sound. The satin finish, assists in making it more resonant.

Split Saddle

A unique design feature not in other cutaway acoustic guitars in this list is the bridge which features a split which allows the B and high – E string easier tuning and an enhanced intonation.


At 9 pounds, it is the weight that many novices will be able to play without fatiguing. The feel Spruce top, maple back and sides laminate not solid wood which keeps price down. It allows a comfortable playability which promotes frequent practicing. As it is lightweight it is also easy to transport and its great tone makes it a perfect choice for gigs as well as private relaxation playing.


  • Good acoustics and resonance
  • Responsive chrome tuning pegs
  • Good for beginners, starter pack offers great value
  • Value for money
  • Removable pickguard


  • As a steel string guitar, beginners can get sore fingers


A perfect choice at a great price for a steel string acoustic guitar that is great for strumming and fingerpicking. Its modified dreadnought shape with a cutaway allows for high playing. Its resonance, light weight, easy playability and beautiful design and finish makes it into the category of easiest guitar to learn to play.

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2. Martin GPCX2AE Macassar Grand Performance

Martin is one of the leading names in high quality guitar manufacturing. It is an American guitar company which has been manufacturing guitars for over 130 years. It is a reputable company with an iconic status in the realm of steel string acoustic guitars. As you would expect, the Martin GPCX2AE is at the higher end of the pricing spectrum of affordable acoustic electric cutaway guitars. However, the X- series is Martin’s budget range, and it still manages to provide excellent value for money amongst iconic steel string guitars.

It is probably not the most affordable choice as an acoustic guitar for beginners. It is visually striking as the top is made from Sapele with High pressure laminate (HPL) on the back and sides. If you’re looking for a durable, warm and mellow mid-range tone guitar, beginners and intermediate players will be pleased with the visually stunning cutaway acoustic guitar.

Martin GPCX2AE



The top is a Sapele solid wood, combined with a heavy duty high pressure laminate (HPL), on the back and sides. The HPL is a signature feature of Martin acoustic guitar models, which is made by compressing wood particles together with specially designed resin under high temperatures. It creates a highly durable and scratch resistant guitar that is great for transporting and sharing with your less careful friends. It can take a few knocks.


It has a traditional ‘grand performance’ or auditorium size and shape, with a narrow waist and large sound hole. The slight change to the normal size includes a modification of the traditional dreadnought acoustic guitar shape with one cutaway and a few stylistic embellishments and details. It has a matching fingerboard and bridge in a dark finish which looks stunning and sophisticated and it proudly displays the C.F. Martin logo emblazoned in gold paint on the headstock. The back displays a striking Macassan ebony grain.

Sound quality

The Macassan ebony is a tone wood that provides a warm richness in the mid-range, with a focused, rather than resonant sound. It holds its warm tone and holds its tuning very well, even with exposure to temperature fluctuations, unlike guitars made of solid wood.


Unlike solid wood guitars, it will retain its tuning. It is built to travel and is sturdy so you don’t need to be overly concerned if it receives a few knocks and it will retain its pitch. The electronics translate the true sound without distortion.


It comes with a pre-installed acoustic guitar kit with a Fishman pickup which can transform this acoustic guitar into an electric guitar. Beginners love the electric capability as it gives a more effortless sound. It has a relatively compact size, which makes it great to play sitting, standing or reclining.


  • Rich mid-range tone
  • Sturdy
  • Good for traveling
  • Well finished and striking appearance
  • Versatile as acoustic/electric with aftermarket kit


  • More expensive for beginner guitar


The Martin GPCX2AE represents a sturdy acoustic guitar that travels well. It is a handsome guitar that commands respect. Despite being at the higher end, it still represents a great value for an iconic brand. Due to the price, it is more suited to an experienced guitarist. Great for strumming and fingerpicking styles, great for folk/rock players.

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3. Epiphone AJ-100CE Acoustic Cutaway Guitar

You know you will be getting a quality guitar with anything that is made by Epiphone. The brand is a highly reputable company who has been an innovative guitar manufacturer for over sixty years. Affordability and quality are the best features of the Epiphone AJ 100CE, which makes it the best low price acoustic electric guitar and magnificent proud tone.

At this price point, it is a steel string acoustic guitar that is definitely attractive as a beginner guitar. Also, as it has a shorter and slimmer neck, it is easier to learn proper fingering positions. It is an easy shape to hold and its smooth surface makes moving up and down the frets effortless.
The AJ stands for ‘acoustic jumbo’ making it a common choice for performers. The cutaway design of this acoustic guitar allows easy access to the upper frets. It is a great guitar for performers and songwriters as it transports well.

Epiphone AJ-100CE -001


Narrower, tapered neck for small hands:

The tapered and narrower shorter neck makes it the best acoustic guitar for women in this style and price point. As the guitar is slightly narrower, smaller players, younger players and learners will find this feature to be particularly attractive. The Epiphone AJ 100CE answers the question, ‘Which is the best acoustic guitar for beginners?’, as moving along the frets is easier due to the width of the neck. Also, the finish in a satin, is smoother, making chord transitions easier and you can get a great grip on it like the dreadnought model Epiphone DR-100.

Sound quality:

It can be played as acoustic or electric and, in both cases, there is a nice crisp tone. Throughout all ranges it maintains its lovely and clear, especially in the mid and high ranges. It rings out strong and has significant output even when it is not in electric mode. The placement of the bridge allows for perfect intonation and resists buzzing.

Construction materials:

One of the reasons for the beautiful strong resonance of the Epiphone AJ 100CE is due to its solid spruce top, and mahogany sides and body. The wooden body and top are complemented by a rosewood fingerboard and mahogany neck. It provides amazing value and would have to be the best all wood acoustic guitar.

There is a signature pickguard with the distinctive Epiphone ‘E’ logo. Spruce is the chosen solid wood for the top of the Epiphone AJ 100CE as it is a ‘tone wood’, which provides richly resonant tones that improve with age and being played.


It is an easy cutaway guitar to play due to its slightly narrower body and shorter neck. However, it is the effortless high-quality tone that makes it so playable. When properly set up, the action is really easy and you will avoid a lot of buzzing. It has a very easy tone, great for fingerpicking and strumming. As an acoustic jumbo, it is often relied upon for rhythm guitar playing on stage or in a jam session. It holds a reasonable sustain that can be easily heard without amplification. If amplification is required, the Nano flex pickups and an amp will also provide a songlike quality in the tone.


  • Lyrical tone
  • Solid Wood
  • Easy to play
  • Value for money


  • May need professional setting up if you don’t know how

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4. Yamaha FSX830C Small Body Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar

Yamaha’s FSZ830C offers exceptional value and is a contender for being the best cutaway guitar under 500. Yamaha is an established guitar brand that you can always trust for great construction and reliable performance. FS is designed as a ‘Folk Model’ acoustic cutaway guitar, which is slightly smaller than standard, with a sizing that is unique to Yamaha. Light weight with scalloped bracing to retain strength yet have it be light, vibrates more through the top. Back and sides are a laminate with a solid, and light top. The Yamaha FSX830C comes complete with t offers reliability, durability and easy playability as the guitar comes with an adjustable truss rod.

Yamaha FSX830C-001


High quality materials:

Built with a solid Sitka Spruce top to give it the warm tone that only solid wood can provide. It also is manufactured from laminate on the back and sides which keeps the weight down. Has a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, with solid diecast tuning pegs.


As an acoustic/electric guitar you can use it to play without amplification or use it with the electric turned on for performances. However, with an electric guitar you can also keep the noise down. by using headphones instead of an amp. It makes it an ideal studio guitar as well.


It is not the cheapest guitar in the range, but it is still a very good price for a high quality manufactured guitar.

Suitable for:

The Yamaha FX830C makes one of the best guitars for beginners, particularly young adolescents due to its smaller size. It is also a great choice for people who like to take their guitars with them as its compact size is great for travelling. It is good for singer/songwriters as a combination of strumming and fingerpicking playing will bring out its lovely warm sounds.

Sound Quality:

Even without using the built-in pickup there is a resonant singing quality that comes from the guitar quite effortlessly, largely due to the scalloped bracing internally. Fitted with an onboard 3 band EQ and an adjustable mid-range frequency control, you will sound like a pro, even if you’re not. It has a very mellow tone, great for folk or country playing.


  • Lightweight
  • Smaller size great for smaller players
  • Effortless sound with or without electronics on
  • Large range of accessories available


  • High range slightly muted


The FSX830C can be considered one of the best cheap Yamaha acoustic guitars available on the market. It is an all-round good choice if you are in the market for a guitar made by a reputable manufacturer who offers a good brand reputation for responsive after sales service. If you ever need parts, all sorts of acoustic guitar kit accessories are easy to get online or through your local retailer. It is so nice to play, you will want to practice which makes it a good acoustic guitar for beginners. You may also like Yamaha FG800 to start as beginner if you like dreadnought model. Being so easy to play it is the kind of guitar which you will love and it has our title of ‘easiest guitar to learn to play on.

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5. Fender CC-140SCE Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar

A great choice for cutaway guitar kit in sunburst, natural or mahogany is the Fender CC-140SCE. Not only do you get a model from one of the best acoustic guitar brands but buying from this Amazon retailer will get you a complete kit, including a hard case for a very generous price. With Fender you are buying a brand trusted by thousands of guitarists over the past seventy years, across the world.

Fender CC-140CE-001

This kind of guitar model is the concert size, slightly smaller and higher in treble tone compared with the slightly larger dreadnought. It is characterised as an easy to play acoustic cutaway guitar. You can consider this the best buy Fender acoustic guitar, considering you get a reputable guitar manufacturer, with great after sales service and accessories always available at your local guitar shop or online.


Fishman Presys pickup/preamp

Has a three-way equalizer and a built-in preamp and includes the jack in the endpin for easy connecting and keeps the jack away from your playing arm. The pickup electric controls are at the top of the guitar which makes adjusting sound as you’re playing very easy. The pickup also features a built-in tuner so you can always stay in tune, and never need to remember to pack your tuner. Has a phase reversal corrector to counter any mixing problems?


Like many in the category of ‘Best low price acoustic electric guitar’, the Fender CC-140SCE Concert comes in a range of solid tone woods used in the construction of the top. You have a choice of solid spruce or mahogany, each provides different tones, according to preferences. The spruce top comes in natural varnish or sunburst colors. The back and sides are made from rosewood laminate and incorporate scalloped x-bracing for reduced weight and tonal lightness. It has a tusk saddle and nut, and pearl inlay around rosette, and the endpin is included.


Easy-to-play neck with rolled fingerboard edges. Fender revamped their Classic model acoustic guitars with a view to improving the overall playability. The tapered neck is 43 mm wide at the nut and 57 mm wide at the heel, which ordinarily may be a little thick in the heel, but as it is a cutaway guitar shape, you will be able to get down to the heel end with more ease. Younger people will find this one of the easiest guitars to learn to play due to its slightly smaller size.

Included extras

The amazing value of the high quality included extras are worth at least half of the total price of the guitar. These extras are everything that a person in the market for a beginner guitar will need. Inclusions include a hard-shell road case, tuner, strap, lead, an extra set of steel strings, Austin Bazaar instructional DVD to help you learn quickly and specialty polishing cloth.


  • High Gloss finish across all surfaces making it scratch resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Clean tones with no buzzing
  • Attractive Rosewood pickguard
  • Tone wood solid top


  • Has less sound projection

The Fender CC-140SCE Concert is a great choice for any guitarist looking for a lovely guitar to hold and play due to its comfortable rolled edge tapered neck. The easy to see and use pickup and preamp is great for performers and the wonderful gloss finish and proud Fender logo on the headstock demonstrates the all-round high quality that the company is renowned for. You can also check Fender Dreadnought model which is also very popular because of its price. As an acoustic guitar for beginners, this is a great cutaway guitar kit, everything a new guitarist will need is included.

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6. Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Best Acoustic Cutaway Guitar

A lesser known brand is the Glen Burton and comes at the budget end of acoustic cutaway guitars. It is visually appealing with a vintage feel to it because it is built in a larger size matt black flame top. Being one of the only beginner guitar to come with all the accessories as well as an amp which is great for a novice player. It is most suitable for an adult who is learning to play, to determine if playing guitar may be something that they will want to continue and to upgrade to a higher quality. You can consider it to be a great cutaway guitar kit for testing the desire to continue playing in the future as it is a cheap price to get everything you need.

Glen Burton GA204BCO-001



It is made from a Linden laminate top, and Basswood is the wood used in its construction which gives it a reliable all-round tone. It comes with a Rosewood fingerboard and a strong Catalpa neck. The cutaway guitar shape allows for high fingering along the frets without bending your wrist too extremely.

Acoustic Electric versatility

You can go from playing in your room or under the stars, to a full performance with the onboard pickup and preamp. It features an onboard active 4 band 7545 EQ system which makes it an affordable choice for recording and performing. The pickup requires a 9-volt battery included in the pack. With the pickup and amp turned on, you can connect it via the lead to the amp.

Sound quality

As it has a large body at 41”, the large sound hole is good for performances as it has quite a far projection. The Catalpa neck, contributes to its long sustain as this wood has resonant tonal qualities. The tonal quality is clear in all ranges which makes it better suited for flat picking and strumming. This is particularly suited to country music.
A laminate top contributes to maintaining it in tune with less susceptibility to the whims of temperature and humidity that a solid top can experience. This makes it a good acoustic guitar for beginners, as tuning and re-tuning can be difficult when you are learning.

Included extras

There are many included accessories for this cutaway guitar kit. It comes in an entire package which includes a 10-watt amp, guitar lead, nylon gig bag, and truss wrench, digital tuner, strap, and extra strings. It also comes with a 9v battery and three picks. You can always use a more powerful amp if you already have one.


  • Cheap
  • Included extras
  • Naturally loud projection/volume
  • Visually beautiful


  • High action

The Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK is a perfect adult size choice for beginner guitar players. It promises to be the best value acoustic guitar available due to the many included extras. You will get a full size acoustic cutaway guitar that is reliable and good in the mid and lower ranges.

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