Washburn Rover Travel Guitar Review: Best Steel-String Travel Acoustic Guitar

Why Washburn Rover Travel Guitar

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Washburn RO10 is an acoustic travel guitar. It is a small guitar with great sound. Unlike other travel guitars, Washburn Rover travel guitar comes with a good set of specifications. One remarkable feature of Washburn RO10 is that it is ultra-compact. Not only the Washburn Ro10 is a well-crafted instrument, but delivers quality sound. Despite its small size, the quality of sound it produces is much like that of a full-size acoustic guitar. In addition, the sound and tone are not too loud. Generally, it is moderate and soothing to the ear.


The musical instrument boasts great features all packed in one. Washburn Rover Travel Guitar comes in a package comprising of several elements. These include a soft shell casing, three picks, and a strap. In addition, the manufacturer avails an instructional DVD. The DVD is provided just to guide the player on the usage of the guitar.

Some of the features of Washburn Rover travel guitar:

Sound Quality

This little amazing instrument produces high-quality sound. This is not the kind of sound you may expect to find in a small acoustic guitar. Guitar players can be assured of well-balanced sound. The action is a bit too loud.

Shape & Size

The mini acoustic travel guitar boasts an authentic Rover Travel shape. With a compact body, the Washburn Rover travel guitar boasts a good portable size.

Neck and body features

Both the neck and the body of the travel guitar are made of Mahogany. This material is good for the high-quality guitar sound. Secondly, the neck of the guitar is adjustable. It can be adjusted depending on what the player prefers. The neat satin finish enhances the looks of this guitar. One important advantage of the mahogany neck is, it offers sound clarity. Due to the fact that the mahogany neck is made of mahogany, it is able to play quality music. In addition, the top wood is authentic solid spruce.

The neck is full size. This feature assures guitar players a high tone and sound quality.

The acoustic travel guitar comes with a fully usable scale. With a 24-inch scale length, players can play the guitar with ease.

When it comes to tuning, the guitar boasts a good set of die-cast tuners. The Washburn Rover travel guitar produces a balanced sound thanks to the die-cast tuners.

To sum up, the body and neck are made from a series of four different colors. These include red, blue, natural and black. Therefore, players can select a guitar of their favorite color from the collection of four colors.

Rosewood Fingerboard

The Rosewood Fingerboard feature enables players to transfer their fingers to all frets. Along the fingerboard are seventeen full frets. In addition, there are three extra frets along the length of the treble.

Bracing & Strings

Another amazing feature of the Washburn Rover travel guitar is Quarter Sawn Scalloped Sitka spruce bracing. This feature provides balanced tones. Additionally, Quarter Sawn Scalloped Sitka spruce bracing enhances sound projection.

The mini guitar features D’Addario EXP–15 Phosphor bronze strings. These are light in weight and friendly to the fingers. In addition, they are strong and durable. This is due to the fact that they are made of steel. Beginners can comfortably prick the strings without the risk of injuring their fingers or fear for blisters.


The package

The package comprises several elements other than the guitar itself. These include;


The guitar is packed in a strong case of dimensions 4.5” x 10.25” x 35.5”. In spite of the case being light in weight, it is strong and durable. This protects the guitar from damage. With the guitar held in the case, you can rest assured that it is safe from moisture and other elements. In addition, the case contains tools. It is also comfortable as a backpack. You can go hiking or camping with this little instrument.

Guitar strap

The Washburn Rover travel guitar comes with a shoulder strap. The straps are strong and comfortable to wear around the shoulders. As a matter of fact, the straps are designed to support the weight of the guitar. It holds the guitar in place. In addition, it balances the weight of the guitar on your shoulders.


Price is yet another important factor every shopper looks out for. In comparison with other similar acoustic guitars, it is relatively cheap. As a matter of fact, every buyer gets real value for money.

Compatibility of Washburn Rover travel guitar

If anyone looking for a loud guitar, this may be the wrong choice. The acoustic guitar may not work well for large stage performances. The Washburn RO10 travel guitar produces quality sound at moderate levels. The sound level is neither too high nor too low. This is the kind of guitar you can play in your apartment or hotel room without disturbing the person next door. Moreover, you can carry the guitar to your favorite practicing spot or hideout. Not only it is good for practicing, but also suitable for professional guitar players. You may also consider buying other travel guitars like Yamaha JR1 or Martin LXK2.


  • The case provides sufficient protection for the guitar.
  • Its price is quite affordable.
  • It has good size and highly portable.
  • Lastly, it produces high-quality sound.


  • The action is too high.
  • It lacks tune consistency.


The package is good enough to meet the needs of a professional guitar player. Learners can take advantage of this instrument and build their career. Moreover, Washburn Rover travel guitar provides a good companion. Considering its price, size and other features, it is of good value. It is a good guitar worth buying. Additionally, it is a portable acoustic guitar. This means that the guitar player can carry the small guitar anywhere.

Note Worth

Washburn is a popular and reputed guitar brand. It is also known for high-quality products. Since the 1880s, Washburn has been producing quality musical instruments. Popular artists of blues, rock, and other music genres played Washburn guitars. We also found this Washburn Rover Travel Guitar very useful for beginners, mid-level guitar players and for those who want exact value for their money.

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