Ibanez GRX20ZBKN Electric Guitar Review: Best Beginner Guitar

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Why the Ibanez GRX20ZBKN Electric Guitar? Not all electric guitars are created equal when it comes to playing metal. However, the Ibanez GRX20ZBKN produces fantastic metal sounds without breaking the bank. For young artists just embarking on their rock and roll career, the Ibanez quality shines through this lightweight starter. In like manner, hobbyists will … Read more

Fender Modern Player: Telecaster Thinline Deluxe Maple Fingerboard

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Why Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thinline Deluxe Maple Fingerboard Guitar This guitar is based on the Tele-philosophy. It has absolutely everything one can expect from a Fender. It carries its recognizable sparkle. This model is lightweight and convenient. Features First of all, the most striking feature of this model is its Telecaster body. It is … Read more

Taylor Academy Series: Academy 12e Grand Concert Acoustic-Elec Guitar

Why Taylor Academy Series Taylor Academy series guitars are known for their passion for improving every player’s guitar playing experience. And they have demonstrated that passion in this amazing guitar. In other words, with the Academy 12e Grand Concert, you won’t need to give up your passion for the guitar. Specifically, this guitar offers every … Read more

Learn Bass Guitar: How to Play The Bass Guitar for Beginners

When you see somebody playing the guitar, normally a question comes to mind, “is it hard to play the guitar”? It depends; it can be either easier or hard. Especially, if your interest is to learn bass guitar, it depends upon which musical genre you want to begin with and how hard you want to … Read more

How to Play Mandolin: Beginner Mandolin Lessons

How to Play Mandolin Playing an instrument like a mandolin is a wonderful thing. But you need to know how to play mandolin well. If you crave to play an instrument, maybe guitar, flute, keyboard, or let’s say a mandolin, you need to learn it first. But the basic question is “why do you want … Read more

8 Best Mandolin Instrument & Top Brands of Mandolin Reviews

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With the number of mandolin instruments on the market, it is difficult to know which one is the best mandolin instrument. In order to prevent this confusion, we made a review of the 8 best mandolin instrument. This review will help you when you decide to get a mandolin. Our reviewing criteria is pretty simple. … Read more

Best Guitar Strap: Top 8 Guitar Straps for Comfort and Durability

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For every guitar player out there, a guitar strap is a must. You deserve the best guitar straps out there on the market. Although for acoustic guitars, you might not really need them (optional), but for electric guitars, it is another story. It is quite difficult to play the guitar while sitting and having it … Read more

Best Travel Guitars: Popular Travel Mini Baby Guitars

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If you play the guitar, you have probably already heard the term ‘stodgy.’ First of all, that’s one thing we don’t want to associate with the best travel guitars! Guitar itself is not a heavy object. In contrast, it takes up a lot of space. Therefore, it requires special handling. Furthermore, most of the travel … Read more

Best 4 String Electric Bass Guitars: Best Guitar Reviews

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This type of guitar is probably the most suitable one for new players. The neck of a typical 4-string bass guitar is shorter than the standard one. As a result, this enables easier playing. Most importantly, these guitars are good for various music styles. However, choosing the best electric bass guitars is not so easy. … Read more